• Cyber Leadership Development and Consulting

    Building a Vision to Reframe Leadership

  • Custom made workshop to address specific areas of leadership, teams, and communications.

  • Topic specific presentations and talks for your organization, conference, or town hall.

  • Helping guide you in the right direction with actionable steps and objectives.

  • Why Choose Us?

    You should choose AntiCrysys when you need help with:

    • Hiring Cyber Talent
    • Transitioning into Cyber Leadership
    • Developing Training Programs
    • Leadership Training and Roadmaps
    • Changing Culture
    • Leading Change
    • Connecting Security to Business Objectives

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  • Start the Conversation

    We help develop modern cyber leaders skilled in:

    • Justifying Budget
    • Executive Communications
    • Security Metrics
    • Leading Teams
    • Board Presentations
    • Operationalizing Security Functions
    • Using Frameworks and Assessments

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  • AntiCrysys helped me understand how to connect security to the business strategy. The training was relevant and beneficial.

    Training Class Attendee

  • The leadership training is very engaging and helps move from a technical view to a business security view.

    Leadership Training Student

  • Very informative and will be helpful in determining a variety of strategic things in my current position.

    Leadership Training Student