• Leadership Workshops

  • Becoming and growing as a leader is an ongoing process. It takes more than attending class, being awarded a title, and placed in charge of a team to be a successful leader. Leadership requires commitment, conscious effort, and a growth mindset to continuously develop your leadership abilities.

    AntiCrysys leadership workshops are a way to help leaders continually improve and grow as a leader. Our workshops are designed with the security leader in mind and the challenges they face. Workshops can be designed to address the specific goals of your organization, common challenges cyber leaders encounter with teams, assessments, communication, and strategic planning for security.

    During the workshops we help leaders develop actionable plans for growth, person development, team development, and a leadership roadmap with milestones. Our goal is to create cyber leaders that can grow effective teams, communicate with the organization, and develop strategies for security that align with the goals of the business.