• Hiring Cyber Talent

  • Hiring Cyber Talent is a challenge for many organizations today. There are many reasons for this, but the most common reasons we have identified are:

    • Numerous roles are stuffed into one job description
    • Job description requirements are not in scope for the actual position
    • Marketing to the wrong audience
    • Hiring the wrong candidate
    • The role and the job description are not framed appropriately
    • Human Resources does not understand information security needs
    • Fraudulent job applicants
    • Compensation is not competitive with the job description
    • Employer has a bad reputation among previous employees

    We've helped organizations assemble some of the highest performing security teams in their industry by working with them to improve on these areas, make it easier to identify cyber-talent, and recruit from non-traditional sources for cyber talent. We do this by helping you develop a talent pipeline, perform effective technical screening, and culture screening. 

    Talent retention is the next area where we provide value to organizations. After you've done all the work to hire the best talent, you need a retention plan for these high performing individuals. We have a number of approaches to address burnout, competitor poaching, employee satisfaction and engagement that will benefit your organization.