• Digital Forensics

  • AntiCrysys has certified forensic analysts that work on a variety of cases ranging from intellectual property, incident response, and other malicious activity. We perform e-Discovery on systems that includes Android, iOS, Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OSX, gaming consoles, IoT devices, and removable storage.

    Our most popular services include:

    • e-Discovery often utilized in corporate environments to discover evidence.
    • Data acquisition from devices that contain onboard or external storage.
    • Evidence preservation when you time to build your case.
    • Forensic imaging of storage devices for archiving or forensic analysis.
    • Evidence timelines to understand a sequence of events based on logs, activity, and analysis.
    • Expert Witness Testimony to explain the evidence in professional terms and context.
    • Data recovery when data has been deleted or due to system failure.


  • Mobile Device Forensics

    We can image and perform forensics on mobile devices to obtain evidence that includes: text messages, images, geolocation, application usage, hidden data, calendar events, voice memos, voice mail, and device compromise.

  • Computer Forensics

    We often perform computer forensics as part of incident response, intellectual property theft, and to obtain a time line of events that can prove or disprove activity related to malicious activity.

  • Forensic Reporting

    All forensic reports can be provided in and easy to understand printed or digital format. In certain cases we also prepare executive level presentations that simplifies the results of the forensic investigation in executive level terms.

  • Legal Support

    Our forensic analysts are certified in incident response, digital forensics, state certified expert witnesses, and are certified private investigators in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Specialty Forensic Services

    Our speciality services include:

    Email forensics from email in the cloud and on premises.

    Cloud based forensics of systems, servers, and networks from the popular cloud service providers.

    Network forensics to analyze network activity and logs.

    Wireless locations allow us to determine the location of an access point based on the SSID and mac address.

    Bluetooth locations allow us to determine the location of an access point based on the device name and mac address.

    Image forensics to determine time, data, GPS coordinates and tampering of images.

    GPS location forensics on the popular mobile devices.